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SMS Short Code numbers, also know as Short Codes are special numbers, shorter than a full telephone number, which can be used to request information, register an enquiry, and make a donation to charity. They are used to capture content information displayed on all forms of print advertising, television and radio, on outdoor media, promotional literature, point of sale goods, direct mail and on fleet vehicles. They are designed to be shorter and more memorable than a standard telephone number. They also reply back to the consumer with your message or content within a matter of seconds

Short Code SMS numbers have a number of advantages over traditional advertising and marketing methods and countless applications...

  • SMS Short Codes are more memorable than long phone numbers and web sites
  • Quickly generate hot sales leads; enquiries come from interested customers
  • Short Codes engage prospects at the point of display, allowing you to establish a relationship with your potential customer ahead of the competition.
  • They are an effective and immediate call to action; your prospect can respond before the moment has passed. SMS provides an instant response round the clock.
  • Capture consumer data; you instantly receive the customer’s mobile number – we automatically email you this. You can build on the initial enquiry and this information can be used for future permission-based marketing campaigns
  • Short Codes are particularly effective in conjunction with special offers and promotions. They are viral: people forward mobile messages
  • Measure your marketing campaigns accurately and immediately. The success of a local or national advertising campaign can be measured and expanded or discontinued accordingly. Use different ‘Keywords’ for different marketing activities
  • SMS (text) is the channel of choice for millions of consumers

Short Code

SMS Short codes are special telephone numbers, significantly shorter and more memorable than full telephone numbers eg. 36824 or 411  that are used to facilitated communication on mobile phones. A numeric code assigned to a commercial organization for text messaging (SMS). Users send a message to a short code to receive a canned response such as a Web page link. Depending on the country, short codes are three to eight digits in length, and numbers often spell out brand names. For example, 447879 spells HISTRY for the Arts & Entertainment Network's History Channel.
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