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eCommerce refers to 'Electronically Buying and Selling Goods through the Internet'. Along with the buying and selling of goods, online transactions are also carried on through this (in exchange for goods and services mostly). 

eCommerce has benefitted various business segments such as individuals, small businesses, large corporations, etc. This enables businesses to sell their products and services to a large number of people through the internet. 

These eCommerce websites have live chatbots to assist people. 


There are basic 4 types of eCommerce Model:


   1. Business to Consumer: 

   When a business sells goods/services to the customers. (Buying goods from an online Retailer).


  2. Business to Business:

    When a business sells goods/services to other businesses. (Selling software to other businesses as a form of service).


  3. Consumer to Consumer:

    When a consumer sells goods/services to another consumer. (when you sell old furniture to another consumer through


  4. Consumer to Business:

    When a consumer sells their product to a business enterprise. (When a photographer licenses their photos for business use)


We at Admark, have the best team to design an eCommerce website for all your business requirements. We help you reach your business to consumers in any part of the world. 

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