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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a system that allows a user to access information via a system that pre-records messages without having to talk to a customer service executive. Here, the user has the option of utilizing the services via speech recognition to connect with various departments or specialists.

We at ADMARK value our client's time and needs and accordingly design the IVR system for them. This system helps in increasing customer satisfaction thus maintaining the contact center operations. Our IVR system helps the clients to be in touch with their customers 24/7 all 365 days.

You can avail of the best packages for IVR according to your needs. We are just a call away to discuss your requirements. Our team is always happy to help our clients.

 We provide a user friendly and innovative inbound call management system to cater the clients need for easy to use application which can be use anywhere and anytime.

Virtual Call Centre is your personal reception hosted with a cloud telephony environment. 

You take a 10 Digit number where your customers can call 24x7.

Your customers are greeted with a customized message and can select the extension set by you to speak with the right team member.

Your customer can get this at a low price, they can project the image of a professional company and never worry about losing important leads.

Product Features :

# Incoming calls are forwarded to your agents mobile or landlines and you can also set forwarding rules.

# If that phone is busy, the next programmed number is called.

# List of all the people who call you is accessible on the website - You never lose a business lead.

# Never Busy, available 24x7.

# Integrated CRM

# Call recording

# Multiple Channels

# Ability to set your work hours.

# Detailed call logs with date, time of call, caller id, duration of call and forwarded number.

# No software or hardware installation.

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