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E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing software is software by which people send automated emails to the database. This software is not just to send e-mails, it is used for various purposes like increasing the subscriber's list, building customized e-mail templates, etc.

E-mail marketing is used by companies or businesses for improving sales, collecting feedback, communicating with the audience, providing information to their customers, etc.

We at ADMARK provide e-mail marketing software free of cost to our paid customers who are purchasing the credits from us.

If you are not using email marketing software then you are not marketing to your customers up-to full potential.

Why E-mail Marketing ?

1. It's Affordable

One of the most lucrative things about e-mail marketing is that it is affordable and costs very less per email you send. So even if you are just starting your business then also you should not ignore e-mail marketing as you can reach your potential customers from it.

2. Send on time

If you integrate (API) your email marketing software with any platform like your landing page, website, Facebook lead form, etc then you can automate your e-mail by sending immediate mail if they enter their e-mail address.

3. Everyone uses e-mail

Almost every user who is using the internet has an e-mail address. So when everyone uses e-mail then there is a high probability that you can engage with your audience.

4. You reach to direct audience

If you talk about lead nurturing then e-mail marketing is the king of it. You can easily nurture your leaders who are at different stages of the funnel by just proper content.

5. It can be measured

While talking about e-mail marketing you can easily calculate the delivery rate, click rates, etc. This feature cant is ignored by any marketer and they can use this very effectively.

6. Best ROI

If you target your clients by proper lead funnels then it can generate the best ROI compared to other channels. So every business though it may be a small business, big business, or maybe a multinational company everyone should use email marketing to generate business.


What is API integration?


API stands for application programming interface which is an intermediary between two applications and allows two applications to talk to each other. For example, if someone enters their email address on a particular landing page then it immediately sends an email which is possible because of API integration. To know more about how you can use email marketing software for your business then you can consult a call from us.

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