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Missed Call Alert

A missed call alert is automated software by which you can capture the incoming lead by notifying any missed call. It can be used for capturing interested clients, feedback, contest voting, etc. It is used by Corporates, small and medium scale businesses, etc.

We at ADMARK provide world-class missed call alert software which is already used by our n number of clients and they give us great feedback about it.


Benefits of Missed Call Alert


1. You can get maximum response from customers


If you compare it with another service like a toll-free number then a missed call alert has a great response because it is free of cost for your customers. As the miss call alert feature is also simple then the response of the clients also increases because of this reason.


2. You would never miss a lead


If your business is well established or even at the starting phase there is a chance that you can miss a lead call because everyone was online. In these types of cases missed call alert plays a vital role by capturing the lead on the software and then you can follow up with that customer afterward.


3. You can get instant feedback


Most of the businesses or any shows, etc use the missed call alert feature for instant feedback from the customers. In this way, they easily get to know what their customers are thinking about particular things.


4. Effective for verification


Missed call alert can also be used for mobile number verification for Cash on delivery, user registration process, order confirmation, etc.


5. Cost-Effective


Missed call alert if compared to any other service like a toll-free number then it saves a lot of money and it is very cost-effective for the businesses and even small scale businesses can easily afford this service. There are a lot more benefits of the missed call alert service. If you want to know more about how it can benefit your business then you can contact us to know more.

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